About “Café Pasión”

Café Pasión was created to write, discuss, explore, learn and share about everything coffee has to offer. Its main objective is to condense professional information gathered throughout experiences learned from growers, buyers, roasters, baristas and coffee lovers. It aims to provide an on-line place where visitors can easily find facts, stories, green coffee product, professional advisory and origin education.

About the editor

Café Pasión is edited by Gabriela Cordón. She worked at Anacafé-Guatemala for 10 years. She developed its international promotional strategy from 1999-2002 and managed its  Cup of  Excellence and Q-Auction programs.

She was WBC international judge in Atlanta 2009 and London 2010; National Judge in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador in 2009. She published articles in Roaste and was editorial coordinator for Café Cultura in Guatemala. She is editorial board member of Coffee Universe, Marketing Committee of International Women in Coffee Alliance and Estate Auction Committee of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence.

Since 2009, she works as marketing and communications consultant.  She develops online Estate coffee auction strategies for El Injerto and Santa Felisa farms and advises growers on how to identifying and promoting micro-lots for buyers.


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