1. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence-Regional Coordinator April-November 2013 and March-Octuber 2014

2. Colombia World Barista Championship 2011-Volunteers coordinator and Spanish logistics liaison

3. 4C Association-Facilatator for their growers meeting during ICO World Meeting 2010

4. Norskaffe Association-Faciltator and logistic organization of their Guatemala visit during ICO World Meeting 2010

5. Blogged for Coffee Universe, Roaste 2009-2012

6. Creator of Ired4U, a daily hand-selection of caffeinated news from the social media.


1. El Injerto and Santa Felisa Estate Auction planning and coordination 2011-2014

2. Micro-lot selection and promotor for growers and exporters (Granos del Sur, El Guatalón, Servex) 2011-2014

3. Corporate Image for the Quality Extension Coverage Program, UNDP-2010

4. Marketing Plan, Training and Information System for Copiasuro (Honey Cooperative)- 2010

5. Coffee preparation workshops and trainings for coffee shops (El Injerto, Café Gitane)


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