One month to the III International Women in Coffee Convention and Exhibition in Guatemala

For those of you who have not yet considered attending the III IWCA-Guatemala, Feb 7-9, here are some highlights of the event:

1. Key note speaker: Patricia Francis, Executive Director of International Trade Center will explain the “Challenges for Reaching Integral Sustainability in Today´s World”.

2. Other coffee themes addressed by recognized professionals of the industry such as Dan Cox-Coffee Analysts, Christy Thorns-Allegro, Linda Smithers-Daterra Coffee, Lindsey Boldgers-GMCR, Grace Mena-IWCA, Maja Wallengreen-Coffee writer and consultant, Mireya Jones-Jones Coffee Roasters, Alvaro Llovet-Lloto del Café, Eduardo Ambrocio-Anacafé, Claudia Medrano-Rainforest Alliance, Alberto Scalla- Inl.Hencorp Corporation, Ivette Perfecto-University of Michigan, Craig Holt-Atlas Coffee Importers, Jeremy Haggar-University of Greenwich, Kerstine Leen-Green Line Consulting and many more. Here is the link to the program  or if you would like to read their bios.

  • Alternatives within the Production of Coffee
  • Business and Commerce Trends
  • Financial Education
  • Social and Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change
  • The International Market
  • New Trends for Global Coffee Consumption

3. Business round tables: members and non-members of IWCA will be able to submit their coffee samples to a group of cupping tables where buyers will cup and provide feedback about the flavor profile. (Registration and a fee is required).

4. Educational tours: from Feb 4-6 registrants will be able to visit different regions of Guatemala where specific topics will be highlighted.

  • Classic Antigua
  • Coffee under the Cloud Forest
  • Private Nature Reserves
  • El Injerto: A Model Farm
  • Coffee, other crops & Archaeology

5. Women and Coffee Art and Sale Exhibit: More than 40 artists will present their creations during the Welcome Reception, Thursday February 7th, 2013, at Rosas Botrán Gallery.  All artists are donating 25% of their sales to a Literacy Program for Women in Coffee regions, that will be coordinated by IWCA GUATEMALA Asociación de Mujeres en Café de Guatemala.

6. Exhibition and sponsorship: Around 20 spots are still available for companies that are willing to showcase their product  and a sponsorship program if you would like to highlight your brand or company

7. And just another reason: Guatemalans welcome you and promise to offer their kindness that will be complemented with the most beautiful landscapes of the harvest season.


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