Ired4U’s first anniversary.

Ired4U will celebrate its first anniversary October 22. As fast as you can read it, what started to be a personal/professional activity to monitor coffee news has now become my daily inspiring activity that combines my communication background with my passion for coffee.

When I decided to monitor daily, most people thought it would be too much to digest or that it would saturate  information no one would read.  And perhaps it is. But for professionals in the coffee business it is just impossible to not read at least one or two of the links shared through the Internet, shaping market trends and molding the future coffee habits of consumption.

How did it started?

I used to work for Anacafé and every time I read and interesting article that would help me understand in a better way my new and exciting job, I could not resist to share it with growers.  When I went independent, I kept the habit of sending information to all my contacts.  But with the technology available out there, this activity became even easier with a single place where many links can be published at once and shared to anyone you’d like.

Now Ired4U is shared to direct subscribers, @GabrielaCordon, Facebook and LinkedIn where about 800 contacts in each account can easily access it.

Some statistics:

56.7% are returning visitor and 43.3% are new visitors

43.86% are English readers and 42.69% are Spanish visitors

Country / Territory % Visits


United States






United Kingdom






What to expect?

One of the most rewarding things of doing Ired4U is to see some of my selections shared in other news media around the world.  I expect this to continue through selecting more daily articles that contribute world-wide to informing, educating and analyzing statistics, habits or trends.

It has attracted people around the world. I also think that the most interesting and enriching these articles are, more people from around the world would be attracted.

Exploring publicity would be another area. Recognition is one of the most difficult goals to achieve.  After a year of proven commitment and constant contribution to the coffee sector will provide the back up support needed to offer that recognition to companies willing to advertise.  A great and exciting challenge for 2014. Cheers!

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