Direct Trade inspiring coffee series second season

Listen to pod cast in Pagea Global Ideas

I have always enjoyed all the anecdotes that friends in the coffee industry share about their visits to so many origins in search of their own favorite coffee. Well, that is exactly what the series Dangerous Grounds is showcasing: all the Indiana Jones of coffee represented by Todd Carmichael, who also is CEO of La Colombo, the company he buys coffee for. The second season will begin January 28th, in the Travel Channel.

I wonder if Geoff Wats, from Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters; Duane Sorenson, from Stumptown Coffee Roasters; Jeff Taylor, from PT’s Coffee; Tim Wendelboe,
Synøve Nesøen, from Kaffebrennriet, Yuko Itoi, from Time’s Club and so many others buying directly to growers at origin would have done same job as hosts… =)

You can also read the full written interview here.

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